1. Introduction

First of all, thank you for purchasing our extension. You can find the detailed information about the extension in this document. If there is anything you cannot find in this document, you can send an e-mail via the profile page. RS Theme



2. Installation

To install the CL Pricing table in your site, first download the component from the Codecanyon.net. After downloading it Unpack archive file and follow the following step:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Extensions->Manage->Install->Upload Package file’
  2. Drag and drop Unpacked 'com_clpricetable-1.0.0.zip' file to upload or browse file `com_clpricetable-1.0.0.zip` from your computer to Upload and install

If It installed sucessfully you will get successfull message as like below image

Installation Done !



3. Component Options(Settings)

After Installing installation package, you must need to save options/settings of the component.

For navigating to options, first navigate to Component->CL Price Table

Then click on top right corner "Options" button.

Then set the option and finally click on save and close button




4. Creating Category

After setting options, create category first.

For creating category name navigate 'Components->CL Price Table -> Categories'

After navigating "Categories", Click on 'New' button first for entering your Category title name and then enter category name and finally click on save button




5. Creating Price Tables

After create category you need to create pricing plan.

For creating pricing plan name navigate 'Components->CL Price Table -> Price Tables'

5.1 Price table

For add price table title, featured section, short description select price table tab


Price table Category you can select from this dropdown

5.2 Price Table Features

You can add here unlimited feature for your plan

5.3 Button Setting

For simple button add with link follow below image

You can also add button code here for link to paypal or any third pary site.

5.4 Plan Styling

You can change your plan style color here and can make it as like you want.



6. Creating Menus

For adding Frontend menu into your sites. You need to go admin menus then add new menu item. Check below image also

6.1 Show All Price table

For menu type If you want to show all price table in a page. Please select Price tables option under CL Price Table and follow following screenshot

After selecting Price tables you will see following screenshot. Here you have to enter your menu item title and finally you have to press the save and close button.

6.2 Show Single Price table

For menu type If you want to show single price table in a page. Please select Single Price table option and and follow following screenshot

After selecting price Single Price table you have to set required setting for selecting specific category name and also your desired price tables per row and please follow following screenshot

In this way you can create Menus easily.



7. Module

For Add price table Module. Please go extension then modules and select CL Price Table Module and you can check configuration below

For Moduel Menu Assignment check below screenshot